Scores must be submitted by email, no later than noon of the following day.

If you are unable to report scores by noon of the following day, than they must be

reported the same day.


Your email format must follow the NTISO score report format show below:


(Email Subject line) “ 0221 Marion”

                                (mm/dd   gym)

(Email textJ     

Official 1:  Name

Official 2:  Name

Score Keeper:  Name


GAME                        TEAM NAME SCORE                   TEAM NAME  SCORE

9:00 A.M.                       TOP DOGS 22                                  ALLEY CATS 12


10:00 A.M.                    MAVERICKS 44                               LONG SHOTS 23


Upon receipt of your scores via email you will receive the below reply


Your scores have been received

SAVE this reply for your records



The above is a template and should be used by each NTISO scorekeeper.  In addition additional

information may be required.   If additional information is required it will be covered with you

prior to the season.